Feature Articles

This page contains all feature articles in a chronological order, systematically designated to month of the year.
February, 2015
Companies in any field regularly pay for advertisements. It’s a given at this point that in order to optimally promote a product, you need an external source to use as recommendation, preferably one that has a large following that will guarantee decent sales. Yet, surely Techland paying a prominent Youtuber and then using his glowing review as a means to dictate further sales is anything but ethical.
January, 2015
Most people here are already familiar with Steam Greenlight in some capacity or another. It’s a system that allows developers to publish screenshots, news and videos of their game onto the platform with the aim of building a mass consumer base and having said consumer base vote for your game to be uploaded onto Steam. It’s quite ingenious.
January, 2015
The morality of killing monsters has never been examined critically, yet it poses interesting notions. How important is it to be contemplative when killing in a videogame?
December, 2014
Since its primitive stages, the videogaming industry has progressed tenfold at the rate of other competitive mediums. What we’re now exposed to is vastly different to what early pioneers created, and probably what they predicted as well. As games strike that balance between art and science, it’s natural that the technology has evolved quickly and brought videogames to a point where we’re constantly trying to look to the future.
November, 2014
If 25% of League of Legends players will experience Mental Health issues in the next year then we have to really wonder whether in the long-term, playing in an enclosed space for hours and hours, and hours, upon end will result in a long-term positive? Yes, as fans we want to see our favourite team win, but I would hope not at the cost of physical and mental health.
August, 2014
It’s a strange feeling when watching the inauguration of the new Pope turns into an intense internal debate regarding the use of religion in video gaming. One minute, some bloke changes his name to Francis, speaks some mumbo-jumbo in Latin and waves to his adoring fans,the next I’m channelling all my thoughts into why the video game industry has really never thrown caution to the wind and challenged religion head on.
April, 2014
The action of reloading a previous save is something that we take for granted. We don’t think about the integral philosophy behind clicking a button to rob our previous last thirty minutes of any poignancy and inherent meaning, but it’s certainly there.
March, 2014
Limbo is a fascinating game. It takes the notion of unrequited love and expands it into a cycle of ceaseless agony. Not once does our protagonist waver from his journey, however. His dedication, through thick and thin, is representative of a remarkable person, one who won’t stop until he has saved his nearest and dearest.
February, 2014

Except when playing Halo: Reach on Legendary. Then they die a lot. When Halo 4 entered the fray and people scrabbled around to try to locate a copy in an attempt to achieve some arbitrary ranking, I chose to return to Reach.


January, 2014


The compulsory 6AM alarm is something that we can all unanimously moan and groan about in similar fashion. It serves a purpose: We flop outof bed, half stumbling downstairs to prepare for the coming day, knowing that it’s probably not going to go as planned, but that by grinding through we can claim another…


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