Pixels In The Myst is a website designed to showcase culture through unique and prosaic analysis of several mediums.

Jonny Neeves is a writer and blogger who has never felt the need to adhere to the specifications of the expected conventions of journalism. Pixels In The Myst is an original project which showcases the bombastic writings of someone who feels compelled to push the envelope of how current journalistic precedents are viewed. Hence, the standards will not relate to those bludgeoned upon poor Joe Bloggs when he is composing his next news story, or Jen Bloggs, when she has to create an arbitrary list of best games.

Hopefully you will find much to ponder here. That is the ultimate aim. Video games, film and television are not merely entertaining pieces of immersive indulgence, although they should often be, but they are equal parts entertainment, intelligence, integrity and creativity. Features and articles here will be wholly charged with backing up this philosophy.

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